The beggining

The beginning:

I have a passion for football since a child. My father was a footbal player and my mother was a volleyball player,... sport is something I inherited from my family.

I was born in a house of athletes, my parents transmitted me those special values ​​ when I was young and I grew up in this context where they both represented a strong reference to me.

I was born in Italy on April 11th, 1991, although I’ve been living in many places depending on my father’s teams. My family is Brazilian by the way.

My first football experience was with a small team in Vigo, where my dad was playing for Celta.

I‘ve been in Vigo for 6 years and I played for Priegue. The team was small but I learned a lot although I was only 6 and I used to play with 8 years old kids.

After a wonderful time in Vigo, my father decided to sign for Elche and that was my new destination.

6 months later we were moving again to Rio de Janeiro. We thought it would be the last relocation of our lives and we were planned to settle in, but it was not.

Rio is a wonderful city where people and weather make life easier.

Flamenco is the first well-known club I played for and the club I am unconditionally fan of, since I stepped the Maracana grass and met Flamenco supporters. At that time I started playing five-a-side football as well.

After 3 years in that wonderful city, we realized I had to go back to Europe to grow up as football player and we moved back to Vigo...

I started playing in Ureca.

As you can see, since we were very young, my brother and I had to travel a lot and get used to the different places where we lived, with all positive and negative consequences. It was not easy at all.

In Ureca, when I was 14, I guess I did something really good, since lots of several top teams showed a strong interest in me, including Valencia CF, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. I think you guys already know what was my decision.

FC Barcelona

I signed for FC Barcelona during the 2005/06 season, joining to the B Cadete.

I left my family, my friends and my house, bat I really wanted to start this new adventure... So many things for a 14 years old boy. I think I'm a very social person and quickly got lots of friends.

A couple of years later I started playing with the “juvenil” and training with the Barça B. Everything was so fast that I don’t believe it yet.

Growing up in the Barça cantera is great, not only for what they teach you about football but also for the values and behaviour ​​they transmit you.

It looks like a cliché, but this is the truth. In the Masía we are not players only, we are people and friends first. I had unforgettable moments there and met people I shared a lot with, such as my friends Jonathan Dos Santos (FC Barcelona) and Alexander Zahavi (Sporting Lisbon) and many others.

I think I will never forget the day I played against Real Mallorca, on May 17th, 2009, the 36th round of the season!

It was my 1st time in the Liga! One of the most important days of my life. I played 74 minutes replacing Gudjonhsen.

I can’t forget my first goal either. It was against Racing, February 20th, 2010. Those moments will be impressed in my memory for life. That leaves you breathless… So many years training, working hard, trying to do things good, and offering yourself completely to what you love.

Sharing all those moments with all my teammates makes every day better and make me do my best in every competition I play. From the Copa del Rey, where I debuted on the 5th of January, 2010 to the Champions League where I played for the 1st time on December 7th 2010.

Spanish Squad

I also played in all lower categories of the Spanish team. Starting from the under 16, where I had my first experience, passing through the under 17 in the European Cup in Turkey. I also played in France in 2010 in the under 19 European cup where we lost the final against the hosting team.
My debut with the Under-21 national team was in 2010 against Holland in Alcoy.

In June 2011 we won the European cup and I scored a goal in the league final against Switzerland. It was a magic moment for me and my teammates, all coming from different clubs and environments.

I will always be grateful to the professional and great people I meet day by day thanks to football.